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Test & Launch a Website

Testing & Launching Main Objectives

To ensure a smooth launch when we make your site public, we will evaluate every single thing from proofreading to performance testing, using our tried methodology. There are so many components to a website, it can be easy to accidentally overlook some small, but important aspect, so we double and triple check everything to ensure the highest quality possible.

We will be preparing you for the worst-case scenarios and devise a few backup plans. There is always something that can be changed and improved, customers drop unusable websites to go to competitors. To conduct a usability tests, there is no way around recruiting actual human beings to give a detailed analysis of the site usage. It is the best to give testers certain tasks to complete and collect their opinions on site functionality throughout the process.

Testing for compatibility with mobile devices is now an essential part of any website launch checklist, given Google’s focus on mobile-first indexing. To put your best foot forward with search engine performance we will use free and paid tools, among them Google Analytics and Search Console to determine any major website issues or opportunities.


What Do We Test?

Our website launch checklist is quite comprehensive, you will get complete, detailed check list in a pdf proposal when you decide to start a project with our Agency. Bellow are just some basic testing levels.












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