Project Case Study:

  • Project Type

    Website Development
  • TimeLine

    Premium Package 12 Weeks
  • Technology

    WordPress CMS
Website Development

Tenerife South Guide

As a new startup TFS Guide needed clean, easy to navigate website with focus on superb user experience. Eighty percent of site visitors are Families traveling to a beautiful Canary Island Tenerife, to enjoy sunshine, Spanish food and excursions.

We started with branding, giving TFS Guide friendly, cheerful voice backed with integrity. After all it is a perfect place to be sparkling with sunny disposition, isn't it?

Premium package goes the whole nine yards and included website design/development, graphic & logo design, copywriting, seo, social media and email marketing campaigns. We built a website with WordPress CMS. In a first month we launched a Facebook campaign that boosted following to 7K supporters and integrated analytics. What can be measured, can be improved, so we made sure everything that can be analysed, is.

It took 12 weeks to complete the whole project and was a real pleasure to develop. Below are website images from branding and marketing campaigns.

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Team Work

TFS Guide Project Images


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